Dissidia is getting more Final Fantasy IV love soon


The Lunar Subterrane arena

Final Fantasy IV has been my favorite of the series for a long while.

It has issues, as they all do, but I adore the blue aesthetic, the cast, and most importantly, the locales. It’s just a beautiful game even on the SNES, and areas like the Crystal Palace and the final Lunar Subterrane dungeon are proof of that — the former is even so beloved that it was recreated in Final Fantasy XIV.

The latter is getting another lease on life too, as it’s going to be an arena soon in the arcade edition of Dissidia. It’ll drop on July 12 as one of many character/level updates, and there’s still a lot more to come in arcades. How much will be included in the base package of NTon the PS4 is still undecided.