DNF Duel reveals Grappler, who wants to get grabby with ya


Fist of the What Now?

Publisher Nexon continues to roll out trailers for its upcoming fighting DNF Duel, introducing us all to the roster of pugilists getting set the throw down in the impressive-looking punch-up this… well, they haven’t actually told us yet… The latest trailer shines a light on the grimacing face and steel hands of the Grappler.

As his name suggests, Grappler is the first pure martial arts revealed for DNF Duel and relies on his mastery and command of hard punches and kicks, combined with an array of kung-fu and judoka-style throws and tosses. This no-nonsense fighter, renowned master of the “Black Pearl Ring” dojo, looks to be eschewing wacky gimmicks and weaponry in order to deliver pain and punishment the old-fashioned way: At the business end of a closed fist. Like most of the new title’s characters, Grappler looks somewhat familiar, an amalgamation of various video game and anime superstars. I wouldn’t mind him getting grabby with me.

Grappler joins DNF Duel‘s previously revealed roster members Berserker and Inquisitor to make up the fighters’ first trio of terror. A spin-off of popular MMO Dungeon Fighter Online, DNF Duel is being developed by the trusted hands of fighting game fanatics Eighting and Arc System Works, so odds are good that it will be a quality final release. Unfortunately, Nexon is still to announce a release date, or even specific platforms for DNF Duel, but I have my eyes fixed firmly on this underdog, and will be sure to keep you informed as and when the important details arrive. Knuckle up.