Fall Guys Season 6 has cross-progression, but be careful when linking your Epic account


The first platform you link to Epic will become your primary profile in Fall Guys going forward, so choose carefully if you’ve got PS4 and PC progress

Today not only marks the beginning of Season 6 in Fall Guys, with vacuum tubes befitting a hamster cage and 360-degree seesaws to contend with, but also the start of cross-platform progression. By linking an Epic Games account, you can chip away at the Fame Path and wrack up crowns (or at least crown shards) on PC or PlayStation 4 and retain those rewards across both platforms. That said, a quick cautionary heads-up is in order.

To even start Fall Guys, you’ve now got to link a new or existing Epic Games account — it’s mandatory. You won’t be able to get to the game’s main menu until you do so.

The setup process is fairly easy if you already have an account — there’s a QR code that’ll take you to the right site, at which point you can just log into your Epic Games account and authorize access for Fall Guys — but that doesn’t mean you should rush through it.

Here’s the PSA: you’ll want to make sure you choose the optimal primary profile. Basically, the first platform you link to your Epic account will be the basis for your primary profile in Fall Guys, so it’s best to start this process on whichever platform has the most unlocks.

The Ghost is the final reward for Fall Guys Season 6There are two costumes based on Ghost of Tsushima. The second (arguably cooler) outfit is the final Season 6 reward.

In my situation, I have the most crowns and costumes on PS4, so I linked my Epic account to the PS4 version of Fall Guys first. Then I switched over to the PC version, where I’ve got considerably less stuff, and linked my Epic account to Steam second. Afterward, a bunch of achievements popped at once, and now I’m good to go for Season 6 and beyond.

Even with this tip in mind, it’s not going to be a full consolidation. Namely, your separate Fame Path progress, crowns, and kudos can’t be combined, so whatever you’ve got on your “primary” profile is what you’ll end up with after everything’s squared away.

If you mistakenly ended up with a less-than-ideal primary platform, you can contact Fall Guys support to change it “once,” and if you’ve got “different items unlocked on your Steam and PlayStation profiles, [the support team] can transfer them so you have them all on your primary profile.” For more details, consult this Epic account FAQ.

On the bright side, you’ll get 10 crowns just for linking your accounts.

Another note: “Lobbies & Friends Lists will arrive later in Season 6, unlocking the ability to play with any of your Epic friends on any platform linked to their Epic Games Account.”

Full Tilt has a new form of seesaw to masterThese round seesaws are less annoying than the old standard design, but they can still be devious.

So, how is Fall Guys Season 6? I like the cheerful and vibrant holiday-ish theme, and the two levels where you’ve got to stay in the light to earn points are pretty neat. I wish there was a new finale, though — that’s sure to be a common complaint among fans.

There are five new rounds in Season 6 with several different obstacles:

  • Party Promenade — Our wildest gauntlet to date, packed with new obstacles – including vacuum tubes, trapezes, and water balloon cannons.
  • Full Tilt — A fiendishly fresh take on a Fall Guys classic, debuting our dizzyingly new 360° seesaws.
  • Pipe Dream — A totally tubular dash to the finish line, with each vacuum tube potentially leading to a maze-like challenge.
  • Airtime — Strive to stay in the air for as long as possible via outrageous displays of aerial agility.
  • Leading Light — Grab the spotlight and become the center of attention.

The developers have also confirmed what many of us were starting to expect: that the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions of Fall Guys won’t be released in 2021.

There’s been another delay, and they’re now targeting a 2022 launch. A more specific release window wasn’t shared today. Whether or not the Switch and Xbox launches can line up with Season 7, or potentially even show up mid-season, remains to be seen.

If you’re wondering about the Ghost of Tsushima outfits, there are two — Jin Sakai (the lower half of the costume is unlocked at Level 10, and the upper half is at Level 15) and The Ghost (at Level 45 and Level 50). Fame Path progress seems slower, at least initially.