Dreams adds new game templates and a Media Molecule-made adventure


Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale arrives in Dreams today, to play or modify to your heart’s content

Media Molecule’s latest update for Dreams, its user-created content suite, is tackling its creation tools. Alongside a Media Molecule-made adventure, Dreams is also revamping some of its game creation and curation interface, which it refers to as DreamShaping 2.0.

DreamShaping is the phrase for making content—usually games but also short movies, art, or music—in Dreams. The goal with the DreamShaping update, as Media Molecule says in a new PlayStation blog, is to make it easier and more fun to get started with making games in Dreams.

The new DreamShaping includes some game templates and elements for making games in different genres. These include 2D platformers, side-scrolling shooters, dungeon crawlers, and even mini golf. Objectives and pointers will help guide players through the process, and additional resources will be available on the Templates section at indreams.me.

One of the options is a dedicated template for Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, a new adventure created within Dreams by the Media Molecule team. Twins Scoria and Gabbro venture deep into dungeon to fight monsters and put a stop to Granny Orc’s snoring.

New sections in Dreams will also promote elements to use in creation, as well as award-winning Dreams creators to follow and community events. Content shown on your in-game page will also be tailored to the player. New players will see content that helps with the basics, while longtime Dreams creators will get some of the building blocks they might be looking for.

More detailed updates can be found in patch notes here. But it’s cool to see how Media Molecule has continued to build up Dreams as a platform for creation. User-made games have repeatedly left a mark on the industry, and it’s nice to see Dreams evolving and refreshing to make sure its tools are helping more people get involved.