Nobody expects the Inquisitor, the next warrior joining DNF Duel


She wants to axe you some questions

Hot off the heels of yesterday’s Berserker trailer, publisher Nexon is right back on board the hype train for upcoming fighter DNF Duel. Another new character trailer has already been unleashed, introducing the audience of the damned to the deliverer of divine punishment, the ultimate judge, jury, and executioner: The Inquisitor.

Looking as if KoF‘s Leona Heidern joined the Crusades, Inquisitor’s slight form belies incredible strength and power, as she cuts her opposition asunder with hefty and deliberate blows from her mighty axe. In the above trailer, we not only see Inquisitor apply great pressure to Berserker, but also unless razor-sharp, screen-filling buzzsaws to control space. Things get particularly grim for our girl’s super, which sees her pass judgement on her hapless opponent as they burn at the stake! Good Lord, Vincent Price would be proud… It also goes without saying that I think I’ve found my main already.

DNF Duel — a spin-off of the popular MMO Dungeon Fighter Online — is currently in the works at developers Eighting and Arc System Works, both of whom have a pedigree in the fighting game scene. While the new IP is shaping up quite nicely, Nexon is yet to announce either platforms or a release window for the title. Hopefully, we’ll see more of DNF Duel‘s roster over the coming weeks, leading to an eventual release date announcement. For now, however, it’s not looking all that shabby at all. Could there be a new fighter about to step into the competitive arena? Time will tell.