Do not expect Bethesda's Elder Scrolls VI, or even Starfield at E3 2019


I want a basic outline of TESVI soon-ish

In case you missed it, Bethesda revealed both Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield (one of their first original IPs in forever) at E3 2018. The thing is, it’s going to be a long time until they actually see the light of day: or we see them at all, actually.

While one might expect some sort of cursory update at E3 this year on one of those projects (if not both) like more info on the region of TESVI, it seems like we’re getting nothing. On the “Celebrate 25 Years of Elder Scrolls” stream Bethesda’s Todd Howard quelled the masses early, noting that “it’s not something we’re going to be talking about E3, either of those games [TESVI, Starfield], this year.”

All of this info (or lack of) points to the fact that both of those games will likely span two generations. I mean we could be years away from playing them, at which point Sony or Microsoft will have their own new hardware out.To use last generation as a metric, the PS3 was released in 2006 and the PS4 arrived in 2013: that’s seven years, which would put the PS5 squarely in 2020. That wasn’t just Sony rushing out of the tumultuous PS3 era either (which did get exceedingly better as time went on), as Microsoft ushered in the Xbox 360 in 2005 and released the Xbox One in 2013, which is roughly the same timeline.

Either way the wait has been reconfirmed, and don’t even expect much in the way of teasers this year.Given that Rage 2 will already be out by then, Rage 2 DLC is probably on the table, in addition to more Doom Eternal news and possibly the next Wolfenstein. Bethesda has plenty to show.