Do you have any Japanese 3DS eShop recommendations?


There’s a Japan-only sale going on

Having picked up a Japanese 3DS this year, I was excited to jump into a few region exclusive games (likeTheatrhythm Dragon Quest), but I could definitely go for more recommendations. If you all have any, from physical imports to eShop downloads, I’m all ears!

In case you’re wondering this isn’t anon sequitur, as Nintendo is holding a massive 3DS eShop sale with discounts of 10-50%, from June 7 10:00 JST to June 13 at 23:59 JST. It includes just about everything from smaller discounts on new releases to larger ones on lesser known titles like Boxboy.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix for 2,969 Yen (roughly $27)looks tempting, but since it was just confirmed that it was headed west, I’ll hold off on that one.

3DS Sale [Nintendo]