Do you think we'll get a Mario Odyssey 2 on Switch?


For sure

The dust has settled, and people still like Mario Odyssey. It’s one of the best-reviewed games of all time, and pretty much every anecdotal tale I’ve heard has been positive. Also, it’s the fastest-selling Marioto date — yeah, there’s probably going to be another Mariosooner than later.

Whichkind of Mariowill that be though? You have the weird, experimental type of stuff like Paper Mario(which could easily work on Switch, and will probably come in two to three years), the traditional 2D kind of stuff, and the 3D adventures. While nothing is certain (will they keep the Newsubseries going?), I do think we’re going to get a Mario Odyssey 2in the same vein as Galaxy 2 on the Wii. This worked out brilliantly for Nintendo sales-wise, and Galaxy 2specifically is my favorite Mario to date.

The first and the second Galaxywere nearly three years apart, so I’d put money on Odyssey 2appearingat an E3 in a few years. One thing is for sure though even if Nintendo somehow sits on Marioon the Switch for a while — it’s an exciting time for the console, with developers scrambling to make games for it after realizing it’s a hit. Future E3s have the potential to be pretty great.

Do you think we’ll get a Mario Odyssey 2 on Switch?