Does Not Commute turns a Sunday drive into a traffic jam


You only have yourself to blame

Okay, this is neat. It’s strange, because I sort of hated the levels in The Adventures of Shuggy where I had to play through, then rewind time and go through again without touching my past selves. Does Not Commute looks like that same idea, except when presented as a traffic jam it somehow doesn’t stress me out as much. Perhaps it’s the fact that a collision isn’t an automatic failure, but only an impediment.

Players are tasked with getting vehicles from one point to another in an allotted time, but the hook is that each previous run is added in for the next one, so what starts out as a straight shot through open roads quickly becomes a gridlock of cars, trucks, and boats.

Does Not Commute is available now for free on Android and iOS, and it has no ads or microtransactions. There is a premium version that adds checkpoint functionality, for a one-time fee of $2.