Microsoft helped make Dark Souls 3 60FPS on Xbox Series X/S


Better than a CD player’s bass boost

Remember “bass boost” in the ’90s, on those little portable CD players? Well, boosting is a bit different now, and can frankly crank up old games to stunning levels. That includes the new Dark Souls 3 60FPS patch.

Yep, as announced by MicrosoftDark Souls 3 has officially joined the boost club, and will now benefit from enhancements on Xbox Series X/S. All you need to do is download the patch for free on a new console and the game will automatically swap to the best mode possible.

So Jason Ronald, director of PM at Xbox, actually has a little more info for us here:

“We heard you! The team is thrilled to bring FPS Boost to Dark Souls 3. This required a brand new technique, unique to Dark Souls 3, to enable 60 FPS on Xbox Series X|S. Huge thank you to our partners at FROM Software and Bandai Namco for their partnership and support.”

Not only was this a “brand new technique,” which is interesting on its own, but Microsoft confirms that they worked with From Software and Bandai Namco to make Dark Souls 3 60FPS happen specifically. It’s the sort of thing that Microsoft is becoming known for this generation, on top of the rise of Xbox Game Pass and a commitment to backward compatibility as a whole.

Seeing Microsoft work with a Japanese developer and publisher like this bodes very well for the future of the Xbox brand. While they’ve stumbled a bit in the past, moves like this can only spell good news for Xbox owners.