Dragomon Hunter puts Hatsune Miku in Monster Hunter


That name is art in its purest form

Monster Hunter’s pretty big at the moment, isn’t it? With its unforgiving combat and fantastic enemy designs making it hugely popular, it’s no wonder other developers have been wanting in on some of the success. The latest attempt at this is Aeria Games and X-Legend’s creatively titled Dragomon Hunter.

Promising over 100 monsters (dragomon, I guess?) to hunt, and the interesting ability to make any slain monster into a usable mount, it’s looking fairly solid. The trailer released makes it look like a pretty competent, if maybe a bit unpolished, answer to those wanting a free-to-play alternative to Monster Hunter on PC.

Oh yeah, and it’s got Hatsune Miku in there by the look of it, because everything to do with anime ever is contractually obliged to put her in. It’s law.

The game’s due to release this autumn in both English and French. Let’s see if this can actually play with the big leagues, or whether it’ll just get devoured by the Rathalos.