Dragon Age: Inquisition gets free multiplayer expansion tomorrow


For fun, pronounce the ‘age’ like ‘karaage’

Still spending your evenings with the devil’s brew (beer) getting no-scope headshots and setting bears on fire in Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s multiplayer? Perhaps you will enjoy BioWare’s Dragonslayer expansion, which is coming free to all consoles Inquisition is available on. There’s also formerly timed-exclusive DLC coming to certain consoles this month.

Dragonslayer adds an Avvar warrior called Skywatcher (no, may the fourth be with you!); the not-actually-an-April-Fool’s-joke bard, Zither the Virtuoso; and Raider Queen Isabela, who I can’t find an interesting way to present. Oh, she looks like Sinbad! The sailor, not the comedian. Well. Maybe.

There’s also a new dragon-filled map, Ferelden. It comes out tomorrow, may the fifth be with you, haha!