Dreams PS4 beta sign-ups are ready and waiting


You don’t need PlayStation Plus to join in

I hope you’ve been saving up your creative juices! You’re going to want all the imagination you can muster for the incoming Dreams beta. Media Molecule has now opened sign-ups for PS4 players in North America and Europe. If you’re selected to join the closed beta (reminder: the studio will be picking “lots of people”), you can expect your Dreams code to arrive on or around January 11, 2019.

Dreams isn’t the easiest to pin down, but this summary gets to the heart of it: “Design a game, puppet a character and voice it, make a painting, compose a song… anything is possible in the Dreamiverse.”

With the beta’s end date set for January 21, this is going to be a short-lived experiment (unless you were one of the fortunate folks to get into the Dreams beta in December). It’s also going to be secretive. Media Molecule is making players sign a non-disclosure agreement for streaming and sharing.

Their reasoning for the NDA? “It’s key to this stage of development that we can get direct feedback and iterate before we’re ready to let everyone go nuts on the internet. We can’t wait for that day, but that isn’t today.” Participants will get to try out Dream‘s impressive creator tools, but not story mode or VR.

My fingers are firmly crossed. I’m more interested in the 3D modeling/sculpting aspect than the ambitious game-making side of Dreams, but I’d like to dip my toes in every facet. Either way, it’s a shame the beta is closed to social media given the whole create-and-share-with-the-world theme.

You’ll just need to imagine my artistic renderings of World 1-1 and Green Hill Zone for the time being.