Drew Barrymore is now the Pokemon fashion ambassador


This is real

The Pokémon Company has announced a new (was there an original) “fashion brand ambassador” in Drew Barrymore. Wait, what? I’ll try that again. Drew Barrymore is now Pokemon’s fashion brand ambassador. This is definitely real.

According to Barrymore, “there’s a playfulness that we’re now allowed to have in fashion,” and that she “likes happy things. And Pokémon is happy.” She also notes that“branding is all I think about right now,” so this seems like a perfect fit.

I uh…don’t know if anything will actually come of this. Endorsements often rise and fall like the sun, so we’ll see if this will stick. In the meantime, please contact Drew Barrymore for all of your Ekans fashion related needs.

Inside Drew Barrymore’s Posh Pokémon Party: ‘I Like Things That Are Colorful and Happy’ [The Daily Beast]