Duck and weave this July with Pato Box on Nintendo Switch


Esoteric rhythm puncher coming to Nintendo platform

Mexican indie outfit Bromio has announced that their surrealist rhythm-action adventure Pato Box will launch on Nintendo Switch July 9.

The weird, super-stylised game sees a boxer, with the skills of a champ and the head of a duck, journey through the headquarters of his sponsor, Deathflock, after the company screws him over and leaves him for dead. Pato makes his way through the building floor by floor, taking down the evil corporation’s employees while solving tricky puzzles and mini-games.

Already available on PC and coming soon to PS Vita, Pato Box is a unique and very challenging adventure, definitely worth checking out if you’re a Super Punch-Out!! fan, or just like your gaming a little on the eccentric side. The Switch edition includes all the features of the PC original, and will be priced at around $15. Pre-orders open July 2 and qualify for a 10% discount.

Pato Box launches July 9 on Nintendo Switch and is available on PC and Mac now.