Duck Hunt turns 31 today and all it got was an Apple Watch clone


Quacky Hunt aims to blast off on Apple’s $500 wrist trophy

Duck Hunt was first released on April 21, 1984. That makes it 31 years old today, making it 9 years older than your average debuting porn star, and just 2 years older than McDonald’s iconMac Tonight. I really would have guessed Mac Tonight was the oldest of the three, but there you go.

With a recent re-release on the Wii U virtual console and a prominent spot in the latest entry in the Super Smash Bros. series, things have certainly been worse for Duck Hunt.Still, it’s got to hurt to see that Nintendo hasn’t done anything to honor he day it was born. Maybe it will make Duck Hunt feel better to see that Quacky Hunt is working to carry on its legacy on the Apple Watch. The game is a note-for-note imitation of Duck Hunt, with the exceptions being its use of voxel graphics and the fact that it appears on device that only has a 42mm by 42mm screen. Is there anyone on Earth who’s first thought upon seeing the Apple Watch was “Gosh, I hope they make a Duck Hunt clone for this!” If so, wish granted.

Personally, I’d be a lot more interested in seeing that Mac Tonight & Chucky Cheese on Chatroulette series cloned for Apple Watch. While you’re at it, add them both as DLC for Super Smash they can take on the Duck Hunt duo two-on-two,but their only move is to say“How’s it going, buddy? Having a fun night?” over and over again to lonely strangers.