Due to fan outcry, Blizzard is giving more rewards for Heroes of the Storm 2.0


Veteran chests

One of the first things that came up (after Master Skins) in the Heroes of the Storm community after the unveiling of the 2.0 update was — what’s up with all of the progress we’ve made so far?

Blizzard initially had hoped to assuage veteran’s fears by providing a number of loot chests to players, but they put a hard cap on 70 chests, no matter how high your account level may have been. People who had dumped hundreds of hours into the game weren’t happy, but the new system seems to have covered pretty much all of their bases.

Now, players will earn all “Epic” rarity chests (up from rare) to a maximum of 55 on top of the five nominal ones they get from having an existing 1.0 account. On top of that, you can now get 10 “veteran” chests (a new box), which drop five items instead of four, guarantee a legendary, and only exist for 1.0 veterans.

Oh, and there’s an extra 30 day Stimpack bonus now. Basically Blizzard took the criticism to heart, and upped the veteran program threefold. Very few people are going to actually earn all of the veteran rewards (you need a player level of 1000 to get all 10 boxes, which is probably 1% of the playerbase), but those that are on that level are probably going to feel adequately compensated.

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