Dying Light sells 5 million copies, sequel already being teased


Maybe not for Xbox One and PS4?

Dying Light was bloody brilliant. Sure, the main story was generic soldier wank that I mostly ignored, but the side missions were incredible and simply running around the city was so much fun. I’m not entirely sure about the new expansion (The Following) introducing vehicles, but I’m remaining optimistic there will be more parkour and grappling fun to be had.

Thankfully, about five million other people have bought the game too.

Talking to Videogamer, Techland has called this achievement a “tremendous success”. The popularity of the game caused them to freeze work on Hellraid, a medieval hack-and-slash, to focus on making expansions and DLC for Dying Light.

Techland is even in the planning stages for a Dying Light 2, which it claims may be too ambitious for even current-gen consoles:

Of course, we’re not talking about [Dying Light 2] just yet… but the reason for that is that it is too early. We have lots of very ambitious ideas so first we need to check if these ideas are even doable with the tech that the current consoles provide.

What improvements do you think need to be made for Dying Light 2?

Dying Light has sold 5 million copies; The Following DLC to be 10+ hours long [Videogamer]Dying Light 2 may be too ambitious for PS4 & Xbox One [Videogamer]