Dying Light's next DLC gets jacked-up in price, but you can make the most of it


Season pass to the rescue

In a surprisingly transparent moment, Dying Light developer Techland has decided to be upfront about raising the price of the game’s next add-on, The Following. Back in August, it was originally announced that the DLC would cost $15. Now, the cost has been pushed to $20.

Techland insists that it has justification for the price hike. In a press release today, the developer says that the scale of the expansion has grown significantly since the studio started working on it. “It could be a stand-alone title,” Techland comments. As such, it felt necessary to raise the price.

There are a couple things here that people might take issue with. Most obvious is that Techland went back on its word. But, a hidden complaint is that this single add-on now costs as much as the entire season pass.

To rectify this, Techland is also raising the price of the season pass. It’s going to soon cost $30 instead of $20. Those who already own the season pass will get The Followingand everything else at no additional cost.

But, for those who plan to buy The Following, now’s a prime opportunity to actually buy the season pass. Techland isn’t raising the price until December 8, meaning that you can pick up all of the game’s DLC at a $10 discount. Another way to look at it is that for two weeks, The Followingcomes packed with all of Dying Light‘s add-ons.

It finally happened. Under this very specific set of conditions, we’ve finally advocated for the purchase of a season pass.