E3 leaks prompt Hi-Rez to just confirm Paladins on Switch


The listing is finalized

Amid many pre-E3 leaks, one in particular stood out — the datamining of the eShop. That very act uncovered Paladinsfor Switch, right there in all its official glory, and Hi-Rez Studios have just confirmed it this morning by flicking a switch and making the Switch (ha) listing live in the UK (just log into your UK eShop account anywhere and check it).

The listing confirms that it’s 60FPS with cross-platform multiplayer (with Xbox One), and will arrive on June 12, clocking in at5.8GB. Like other versions it’ll sport a free-to-play base, as well as at least one “Founder’s Pack” with bonuses. Amazingly that’s during the E3 Nintendo Direct, when they likely would have announced “and it’s live right now!” on stream.

Well, it’s still kind of exciting I guess! Now you just know it’s coming and can plan for it — along with the inevitable Switch port of Fortnite.