EA looking to create a 'connected Battlefield universe'


Battlefield is also seeing a shake-up at the upper levels

The latest Battlefield game is out in the wild, and 2042 has had an interesting go of it so far. EA and DICE have been rolling out updates pretty fast, but the publisher has also indicated an interest to keep expanding the franchise outwards.

In an interview with GameSpot, Electronic Arts noted an intent to form a “connected Battlefield universe.” Similar to how Call of Duty has an expanded presence with its mobile and Warzone offerings, it sounds like EA wants to look into new experiences in the Battlefield universe.

As part of this move, Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella is now overseeing the Battlefield franchise. Speaking to GameSpot, Zampella said this is an “and” strategy; Battlefield 2042 will continue to grow, and EA will explore new experiences and business models to add onto the Battlefield foundation.

EA indicates that both Ripple Effect, the former DICE LA studio, and its new Seattle-based studio under the leadership of Marcus Lehto are working on new “experiences” in the Battlefield universe. That doesn’t specifically mean games, but it could be something different than what we’ve seen previously in the Battlefield universe.

GameSpot’s interviews also confirmed that DICE GM Oskar Gabrielson is leaving to pursue new opportunities. EA also confirmed that Ripple Effect will continue to support the Battlefield Portal mode inside Battlefield 2042, alongside working on its “new experience.”

Though Battlefield 2042 has been a shaky launch, it seems like EA is still set to take a multi-pronged approach to the franchise. The Call of Duty similarities are there, as are other franchises’ efforts to expand outwards, like those with PUBG, or what we’ve already seen with Ubisoft’s various franchises crossing over. With Vince Zampella taking over the helm and more studios moving into the franchise, it seems like Battlefield making its own big push.