Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain brings the heavy artillery in new trailer and screenshots


Fresh out of TGS

It’s about the one-year anniversary of the first time we learned about Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain. In those 12 months since its Tokyo Game Show 2017 reveal, D3 Publisher hasn’t said much this EDFspin-off thing.

Here’s what we know about Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain: It’s being developed by Yukes rather than Sandlot. There’s a more serious and realistic tone to this game (as realistic as giant alien ants can be anyway). And, it’ll release in the West sometime next year, missing its original projection of 2018.

You know what else? It looks pretty damn good for an Earth Defense Forcegame! The second trailer just released ahead of TGS and it properly conveys how ludicrous this series is, even with this game’s more straight-faced approach. Also, Godzilla’s friendly face is back. How reassuring.

If that’s not enough for you, D3 Publisher also has this mega gallery of 60 new(ish) screenshots. Peruse at your leisure. Whatever gets you amped up for the impending insecticide.