Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain heading West next year


It’s making an appearance at TGS

There’s a pair of new EDF games on the horizon, and while we’ve seen plenty of Earth Defense Force 5, the more mysterious of the two, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, has remained quiet.

Ahead of Tokyo Game Show, D3 has confirmed a 2019 launch for Iron Rain in the West. Both titles will be playable at this month’s show, so we can expect to see more soon.

Here’s a trailer from last year. The project is in development at Yuke’s, not Sandlot, and while you’re still blasting away at giant insects, Iron Rain is tonally different — and also easier on the eyes.

I’m not completely sold on the maybe-too-serious voice-overs, but the new creature designs and production values are on-point. Those depth of field and lighting effects are real nice. And good on them for sneaking in a bit of silliness with that whispered “Unforeseen enemies have arrived” line.