EB Games listing confirms Legend of Zelda…trading cards?


Do I want these?

Zeldasure has a hell of a lot of merch, and Nintendo isn’t letting up anytime soon. As seen on EB Games, a set of Zelda trading cards is on the way.

They’ll come in regular old packs that feature cards from five different games (Skyward Sword, Ocarina, Link Between Worlds, Majora, and Twilight), or in a “value box” that includes four packs, one “decal or tattoo” (haha), a poster, and “one of three collector’s pins.”

There are “approximately 85 cards” in the base set, which includes the illustrious foil cards, like that one Charizard that you cheated a schoolmate out of a long time ago. I uh…might get one value box because I like the art? Otherwise, hard pass on the blind box conceit.

Legend of Zelda [EB Games] Thanks Mike!