Suikoden successor Eiyuden Chronicle coming in 2023, with an action-RPG spinoff set for next year


Plus, here are some of the companions

The much-awaited spiritual successor to the Suikoden series Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, was recently confirmed to be getting a delay in a recent backer update. But while it will take a bit longer to deliver, there’s more Eiyuden on the way to help tide you over.

Announced during today’s Xbox & Bethesda E3 media showcase, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is coming in 2023. Developer Rabbit & Bear Studios showcased some of the new characters coming to the game, and also confirmed the RPG will launch in 2023.

While that’s a ways off, Rabbit & Bear Studios also announced an action-RPG prequel of sorts—Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. We get a glimpse of gameplay in the above trailer, and according to the Steam page, it will have some town-building elements in addition to its action-RPG gameplay. Rising will tell the pre-war stories of various characters who will eventually become the player’s companions in Eiyuden Chronicle, and its launching in 2022. Both Rising and Hundred Heroes will be coming to Xbox Game Pass as well.

So while the Kickstarter hopefuls will be waiting a little longer, it looks like the Eiyuden Chronicle is expanding to even grander ambitions. We’ll see how the legend starts to shape up sometime next year.