Players are pumped about Elden Ring's leaked character creator


One of the most anticipated features of the game

Ah, character creators. Always the first two hours of my playthrough of a game that has one, they’re one of the most fun ways to waste time in games. While some players dedicate themselves to making the most beautiful, lifelike characters they can, others are committed to creating the greatest atrocities gaming has ever seen. Any way you slice it, it’s a blast, which is why fans were delighted to get a preview of the Elden Ring character creator as it leaked yesterday.

Known for their incredibly detailed customization options, the Soulsborne character creators have been a source of hilarity for years, and don’t really have limits on how ridiculous you can make your character look. You can imagine the excitement, then, when the internet learned from the leaks that Elden Ring‘s customization system is even more detailed than its predecessors.

Footage from Elden Ring‘s character creator was leaked by YouTuber ER-SA, who apparently nabbed the footage from the recent closed-network test.

Many of the sliders in the creator don’t have labels in the video, which is unsurprising as the game is still in development, but the end results are undeniable. Fans have remarked on how lifelike the characters look now, with one Twitter user expressing his excitement to “finally be able to make a human instead of a fish person/skinwalker.” When you see a side-by-side, it’s hard to deny that FromSoftware’s character creators have come a long way since the last time we got one from them with Dark Souls III in 2016.

This progress basically comes down to graphical fidelity, which isn’t surprising considering how much we’ve jumped into photorealism in the past two or three years. I don’t know about you guys, but when I eventually get my hands on a PS5, I’m pumped to try out the possibilities of this new character creator. Leaks are a shame from a developer’s perspective, but at the very least, players getting a preview for the character creator means that hype for Elden Ring is at an all-time high.