Elden Ring players are beating Radahn by letting him dunk himself


Not the smoothest landing

Starscourge Radahn has quickly become one of the most recognizable and talked-about bosses in Elden Ring. He’s got some unique mechanics special to his own fight, and he’s already been the target of patches. Turns out that the easiest way of beating him might be letting him beat himself.

Spoilers for Elden Ring follow, obviously.

Radahn is one of the “main” bosses of Elden Ring, and his defeat is required for at least one ending. Even if you skirt around his particular part of the map, chances are you’ll hear tell of him. And once his fight kicks off, it’s a whole dang festival of swordfighting.

Players have been having good times and bad times dealing with Radahn. But if you’re having some real trouble, turns out there’s an easy way to deal with him. As spotted by PC Gamer, Reddit user u/HomeGrownCrown7 and Twitter user @izuoku_ show you can just let him dunk himself into the ocean.


— いずおく。/九十四 杏???????? (@izuoku_) April 7, 2022

Radahn, apparently, does not float

Once Radahn hits the halfway point on his health bar, he plummets towards the player like a comet. It’s a pretty beefy move that most would panic and dodge. Yet, over on one side of his arena, there’s a vast ocean. And it turns out, Radahn’s not so good at steering away from it.

As you can see in the above Twitter video, Radahn will simply dunk himself into the drink. Now, Souls bosses are no stranger to bizarre deaths. The Taurus Demon is infamous for hurling itself off the side of the ramparts in Dark Souls.

I really do enjoy the comedy of Radahn hurling himself into the ocean, though. It’s a great sequence of “ah ha!” followed by “oh no!”

I’d be surprised if this gets patched, though if you’re having trouble with Radahn and want to take him out in a very funny way, it might be better to do this sooner rather than later. And don’t worry, Elden Ring still holds plenty of challenging bosses that won’t fall prey to a lil’ bit of water. But hey, if you need more tips, just turn to some friendly neighborhood Basilisks.