To celebrate the launch of Chrono Cross, Square Enix shared the opening movie


The Chrono Cross opening movie is still wild

If you haven’t played Chrono Cross yet, you probably should at some point in your life. Whether that’s through the new Radical Dreamers edition: you’ll have the make that decision for yourself. But maybe the Chrono Cross opening movie can help persuade you.

Weird, right? Yeah that’s about right for how the game actually plays out. And even weirder, decades later, original producer Hiromichi Tanaka posted a commemorative launch letter that references Zack Snyder’s Justice League: 2022, folks!

The celebration doesn’t stop there, as the publisher shared a Sailing (Another World) song performance on top of Dreams of the Past, Memories of My Soul, supervised by original composer Yasunori Mitsuda (who also shared a commemorative launch letter). The company also has a landing site that has comparisons for the old and new visuals, key art, world map, music, and font.

While the port could have used more attention, clearly the creators actually do care about this oddity that I enjoyed in silence when it came out. It doesn’t surprise me that Chrono Cross is just as polarizing in 2022 as it was when it came out. Even in the best of circumstances, with the nostalgia of Chrono Trigger behind it, it was divisive. But I’m very glad it exists, and the story/characters are preserved all these years later, even if it’s in a flawed format.

To prepare you for tomorrow's launch of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition, please enjoy the opening sequence from the game.

We hope you're as excited as we are! There's still time to pre-order:

— Chrono Cross (@chronogame) April 6, 2022