Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for Switch listing indicates mod support, Bethesda still mum


Is it in the cards?

Bethesda must be bound by one hell of an NDA, as they barely even confirmed Skyrimfor the Switch over the past few weeks, even though we saw footage of it during the Switch reveal! It’s a weird situation, and at this point, we still don’t have any real details. That includes mod support.

While all signs point to Nintendo being even more stringent than Sony, given that they have little to no experience with mods on their platforms, a recent Best Buy listing indicates that “PC-like mod support” is confirmed for the Switch version. Now, the rest of the details are specific to the Special Edition of the game on PS4 and Xbox One, so it could be a misnomer, and we’ve reached out to Bethesda for clarification. Is this a full-on Special Editionport with all the bells and whistles? Or is it its own thing?

We don’t expect to hear anything back though, because outside of a “fall” window, which was practically forced out of them, we simply don’t have any real facts about this port.

Skyrim [Best Buy] Thanks Corey!