What games are you hoping to catch up on before the end of the year?


Not to rush you or anything

I’m not a fan of arbitrarily rushed deadlines, but I am into the idea of experiencing as many great video games as possible, and a little extra end-of-year pressure can do our backlogs some good. So, I’m curious: what games are you meaning to catch up on in December?

If you’re an all-rounder who tries to knock out a wide range of talked-about games that spark your interest, what’s left to clear off the list, especially after all the Black Friday deals last week? Does the “game of the year” factor play any role in your backlog?

Alternatively, if you’re a one-game-is-plenty sorta person, particularly when it comes to ongoing games like Destiny, or Final Fantasy XIV, or even Halo Infinite, same concept: what are your goals right now? Is there a certain milestone or rank you’re aiming to reach?

Or maybe you’re perfectly happy with older games — the classics, hidden gems, and oddballs. With Xbox pushing out one final batch of backward-compatible games, your plans might’ve changed. Maybe you’ve gotta seek out 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand again.

Deathloop is a more approchable stealth game than you might expect

For my part, I am relieved that a recent half-price discount pushed me to finally get — and then binge — Deathloop. I had been putting it off for too long, and if I didn’t get it this month, I’m not sure when I ever would’ve found room. I enjoyed my not-that-stealthy time on this kooky island, and the freedom to make small strides, big plays, or just screw around for a bit really clicked with me. It didn’t take much for me to become hooked.

Now that that’s cleared, I’m tempted to go for some of the more focused challenge-run trophies, but not until I’ve finished Psychonauts 2, which is one of my final big backlog priorities for 2021. The buzz back at launch told me it was pretty terrific, and probably two-thirds of the way through, I can see why. This is my kinda 3D platforming and hub exploration, and I never feel like the characters or story beats or jokes are wasting my time. And that fleshy, toothy art direction! My goodness. It’s wonderfully uncomfortable.

Thankfully, December’s release schedule is relatively light. (Well, I’m missing Endwalker.) I am eying the Halo Infinite campaign, maybe The Gunk, and not much else. That gives me more leeway to squeeze in Death’s Door, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and F.I.S.T. if at all possible. There isn’t enough time for everything, but I want to make these three a priority.

I need to play F.I.S.T. before the end of the year as a metroidvania fan

That, and Mickey Mania of all things. I bought it in October from a local shop and the SNES cart has been staring at me from across the office ever since. The guilt is getting heavier.

These aren’t strict goals, and I won’t be too bothered if I run out of time, but that’s where my head is at. What about you? Which games sound pleasant over the holidays?