Epic is getting a new Achievements system next week


It starts with a few games, like Hades and Rocket League

The Epic launcher is getting some new tools. Today, Epic announced that it’s rolling out some new tools for developers to add Achievements into their games, dubbed “Epic Achievements.”

Games with Epic Achievements will let you rack up XP by completing trophies, split up into four different tiers and with different XP levels for each. Bronze nets you 5 to 45 XP, while Platinum Achievements are worth 250 XP.

These will all go into your Achievements page, where you can showcase what you’ve got so far and track progress towards those still remaining. The feature is rolling out next week for a select number of games: Rocket LeagueHadesPillars of EternityHumankindZombie Army 4, and Defense Grid.

As Epic notes in its blog today, there were achievements launched for developers last year. It calls these “developer achievements,” which are fully owned and operated by the game developers. Epic says its system will add additional benefits for players and bring them “more in line with achievement systems on other platforms.” Developer achievements will not go away, either.

It sounds like there’s more to come for the Epic Games Store in the future as well, as the platform owner says there will be new social features and player rewards later this year.

Epic has been gradually upgrading its platform over the years, adding features like wishlisting and hosting coupon sales. I’m not much of an achievement hunter myself, but I’m interested to see what Epic does with its new system, and how it ends up comparing to other launchers and platforms with similar systems. Really, I just hope there’s a Rocket League achievement called “Nice shot!”