Will you find your way out of the Escape Academy?


This Is Not An Exit

During today’s Xbox Indie Showcase, we got to check out an intriguing new puzzle adventure – published by iam8bit Presents and based upon those “escape room” activities that you hope and pray you won’t be invited to when Amy from finance announces her leaving ‘do.

Developed by Coin Crew Games, Escape Academy will test the intuition and adaptation of teams of players as they attempt to solve myriad puzzles in order to escape a variety of strange confinements. Tackle brain-teasing conundrums that will require patience under pressure, lateral thinking, an eye for detail, and a nose for exploration.

Coin Crew has itself designed multiple real-life Escape Room scenarios, so fans can expect an authentic experience. Much like their IRL counterparts, Escape Academy will have a running narrative concerning a team of escapists in training, who find themselves in a high-stakes situation way beyond their initial expectations.

Escape Academy will launch in June on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. It will also be made available on Xbox Game Pass on launch day.