EVE Online developer cancels another first-person shooter


And starts a new one

Try as it may, it seems as though EVE Onlinedeveloper CCP cannot get a first-person shooter to stick. In 2016, it canceled PS3-exclusiveDust 514after an underwhelming run. Later, it canned Project Legionbefore it left the prototyping phase.

Add another one to the pile. Four years after being announced (but before it ever actually launched), CCP has shut down class-based shooterProject Nova. This attempt at an EVE OnlineFPS was set in the popular space MMOs world but didn’t share a synchronous world the way Dust 514did. CCP parent company Pearl Abyss confirmed the cancellation of Project Novain an earnings call over the weekend.

In true EVEshooter fashion, something new is rising from the ashes of Project Nova. CCP’s London studio is now dedicated entirely to developing a new multiplayer shooter that uses Project Nova‘s framework. CCP head of PR George Kellion said “It is very common for games in active development to evolve over time, often substantially. We remain committed to offering a rock-solid, action-oriented gameplay experience with stellar visuals, but due to significant changes in the scope and direction of our sci-fi multiplayer shooter game concept, it also made sense to update how we refer to this project internally. So, we are no longer using the codename Project Nova for this game concept.”

Understandably, CCP isn’t going to be ready to formally unveil this new project for a long time. And who knows if it’ll ever actually come to fruition. With EVE Onlineshooters, we’re in “fool me once…” territory, and then you have to count on a bunch of fingers.

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