EVE Online releases its 38th named expansion, Into the Abyss


There’s uh, a lot to unpack

As I explained just a short month ago, CCP is on a mission — full sail ahead on EVE Online. For a company that basically built itself on the back of its esoteric MMO that vocation makes perfect sense, but the Icelandic studio was in the process of making strides in the VR, console, and mobile markets before slimming down last year.

That doesn’t mean they’re slimming down EVEthough, as CCP is hosting its whopping 38th named expansion this week — Into the Abyss. Its main event is most definitely the addition of abyssal deadspace, a roguelike element that involves combing pockets of Triglavian-controlled space pockets for randomized loot. UI scaling for 4K monitors, faction citadel conversions, planetary interaction, and all sorts of inside baseball goodies also await hardcore fans.

In case you were wondering, CCP is continuing its Fanfest plans as well, and is currently revving up for EVE Vegas later this year. Based on my assessment of the passion I saw on display from the team and from fans at Fanfest proper in April, it’s clear that the game isn’t going anywhere despite the macro refocusing.