Even Netflix is ditching Mario at the end of March


March 31

The Mario apocalypse continues.

As most of you know by now, several games, one device, and even one instance of Wii U online play functionality are going away on March 31 for several Mario games. Even an old Fire Emblemgame is being removed from the eShop for good measure! But now, it’s come to light that The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3on Netflix will be removed from some regions on that same date.

As a note, the US doesn’t even have the show, but for the regions that do, there’s an obvious reason for this. CBS All Access has been revamped into Paramount+, which is where the shows will be headed.

It’s just another casualty of the streaming wars, as Netflix continues to be stripped for parts and attempt to rely on its original programming to weather the storm. They planned for this! But it’s still hilarious timing given everything else that’s happening to Mario on March 31, 2021.

Mevans [Twitter via Nintendo Life]