Even Twitch is getting in on the loot box craze


Because nothing screams microtransactions like streaming

Loot boxes have been slowly invading different games, so why not also start invading streaming services? In a promotion for Halloween, Twitch is bringing out some special, limited emotes that can potentially be unlocked via a loot box. Nothing screams pseudo-gambling to me like live streaming.

For those unaware of how Twitch actually pays streamers, the company has their own form of currency called bits. People buy bits in different allotments and can then cheer at streamers as a sort of donation. It is a really roundabout way of paying someone, but I guess it works for enough people to not be an issue.

Now, viewers have the option of leveraging their bits for a chance to unlock zombie emotes. On any bit enabled channel, if a viewer cheers in excess of 250 bits in a single cheer (which is roughly $2.50), they’ll receive a “Halloween Crate” that contains one of six special emotes. If you collect all six, then you’ll unlock a seventh one, because feeding off of the addictive tendencies of people is just so sweet.

Oh, don’t worry; bits are on sale for a limited time! You can nab 500 bits for a measly $3.50, so it might only take you $10.50 to get all those icons! It could also take $5,000, but that is neither here nor there.

Bring the zombie apocalypse toTwitch! [Twitch]