Everything that happened at Bethesda's pretty alright E3 2016 press conference


But Berserk though!

Bethesda just wrapped up their E3 2016 conference, and really, it was pretty decent! Outside of some underwhelming looking Fallout 4DLC (all of the add-ons so far have been, really), they had a number of welcome announcements.

They kicked off with a new Quakethat seems catered to the hardcore PC crowd, dropped the mic with a Skyrimremaster with mods and all the DLC included, messed with VR a bit, and capped off with Dishonored 2. Attendees also got to go home with a new shirt, which is nice.

But that Berserk Warriorsgame news though! It snuck right in before the Bethesda conference and completely blew my mind. Man, I know it’s the first day of E3 and we have a few more to go, but it would basically take a new Capcom-led Devil May Cryto pry me away from that one.

What did you think of Bethesda’s 2016 E3 press conference?