Injustice 2 gameplay reveal


Grodd looks pissed

Mere days after a CGI teaser trailer, NeatherRealm Studios has released our first look at Injustice 2‘s gameplayduring the ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League Season 3 finals. The clip shows new fighters Grodd, Supergirl, andAtrocitus squaring off as well as returning appearances from Batman, Superman, and Aquaman. Eagle-eyed viewers might notice a cameo from Black Manta, but it’s unclear if he’ll be a character, or is just part of a stage transition beat-down (a feature I’m happy to see returning).

The trailer also teases the mysterious new gear system that will allow players to customize their character’s look. It’s still unclear if these tweaks are just cosmetic or will effect a fighter’s performance. Personally, I’m still really on the fence on the idea of outside gear bringing advantages to the ring (*cough* SFxT *cough*). Feels like a feature destined to be turned off during tournaments and serious play.