Everything that happened at Microsoft's surprisingly packed E3 conference


There’s a lot to recap!

Okay Microsoft, job well done. Xbox boss Phil Spencer promised “50 games” and “15 world reveals” during the conference and he delivered.

Not all of them are exclusive, mind, but more projects will be one day as Microsoft just acquired four studios and built a new one. They also re-confirmed their commitment to consoles amid all of this talk of cloud gaming and streaming, which is important for those of you who want hardware from your publishers.

They didn’t have a watershed moment, no “Final Fantasy VII Remakeis exclusive to Xbox” bombshells, but they did get to steal the reveal thunder of several huge games like Devil May Cry 5and From Software’s new thing, and confirmed big deal million-sellers that we sorta knew where coming eventually like a new Haloand another Gears. Oh, and Battletoadswith three player co-op is coming!

It gave Microsoft fans what they wanted and showed a commitment to the future. In other words, it was a modest success.

What did you think of Microsoft’s 2018 E3 press conference?