Everything that happened at Square Enix's conference at E3 2021


Square Enix’s conference happened

Now that’s Brisk, baby! E3 is back in style with uneven conferences, following the fun and chill Microsoft presentation: which actually felt like a game-filled video you’d see at any typical E3. Square Enix’s conference was…a conference.

So Guardians of the Galaxy is was shown. The framerate dropped in the trailer itself, but the game itself looks like Mass Effect by way of Marvel’s Avengers. It’s a different studio! So maybe Eidos Montreal will pull it out.

That took up like, roughly 20 minutes of Square Enix’s conference. Then Square Enix rapid-fired a bunch of Final Fantasy news, gave us an update on Marvel’s Avengers (Black Panther is still coming, basically), and more rapid-fire mobile news. Then they told us Babylon’s Fall was a live service game. OK, interesting angle! And we got a quick look at Life is Strange, then they brought out the most fascinating thing at the very end: Stranger of Paradise.

The heavily rumored Final Fantasy action title was unveiled at the conference today, and it looks great. It’s called Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, and it’s a Team Ninja production coming in 2022 on PC, PS4/PS5, and Xbox One/Series X. It looks insanely strange and I’m totally here for it. Some of you may not be! I mean, the edge is super strong with this one.

In which case Square Enix’s conference might not have hit for you. At least that sizzle reel of “games that are out and are coming soon” is hot.

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