EVO 2013: Day-one streams, schedules, and more


This is gonna be crazy!

[Update: Today’s winners are listed below.]

This year, EVO is going to be insane. I know people say that annually, but really, EVO 2013 has smashed previous attendance records with a whopping 3,538 competitors and 6,097 tourney entries. I used to be an east coast tourney-goer in my day, but it was nothing like it is now, with myriad of streams available at any hour.

Things are kicking off right now, as you can watch the three core streams on this page, or check out a list of unofficial streams. You can also find the live Japanese Niconico stream right here, and view the full schedulebelow.

If you’re in San Francisco, make sure you stop by and see us! Stay tuned over the course of the weekend for results.

Stream 2:

Stream 3:

This MultiTwitch linklets you watch all three at once.

Winner: Tekken Tag Tournament 2CafeId & Knee (Devil Jin & Lars)

Winner: Persona 4 Arena —Yume (Aigis)

Winner: Mortal Kombat 9Crazy DJT 88 (Cyrax)