Evolve has a new monster and a new version of the game


Ultimate Edition confirmed

It seems like not many hunters are still trying to take down the monsters of Evolve. It came and went in February, and not many peeps have been made since then. Developer Turtle Rock Studios is still trying to breathe life into the game, and the Gorgon is its latest effort.

In this grindhouse-style trailer for the Gorgon, we get a look at a new monster coming next week on November 3. It’s a scary spider lady thing. As Turtle Rock describes her “She’s one bad bitch.”

With the video, we get confirmation of this month’s earlier report that Evolvewould get a new edition of the game. Evolve: Ultimate Editionalso releases on November 3, and it looks to be a standard “Game of the Year” type offering (although very few people would heap that accolade on Evolve). Gorgon comes in the package, as do nine other characters, likely including only prior content.

You’ll usually get the most bang for your buck by waiting for the inevitable collection of content. Patience is key. But, in the case of Evolve, that might not be the case. An excited base of people around launch is more enticing than stalling for another hunter to play as. After that buzz has died, it’s not nearly as fun to jump into. That just might be what some people unfortunately realize about Evolve: Ultimate Edition.