Explosions in the Sky: Just Cause 3's first big add-on takes to the air


Maybe the earth is a cold dead place

When Just Cause‘sRico is feeling destructive, he’s not restricted to causing mayhem on land. Plenty of footage of him with his physics-defying grappling hook and parachute have taught us that. Explosions come just as naturally up in the air as they do down on the earth.

The first part of Just Cause 3‘s post-release content takes a dedicated look at the sky component. Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have just detailed the Sky Fortressadd-on, which is coming in March.

In Sky Fortress, Rico looks to the clouds and sets his sights on a floating base, and robotic drones seem to be the DLC’s main antagonist. There’s also a new Bavarium Wingsuit, which the developer says will “fundamentally alter the core gameplay.”

The trio of Just Cause 3add-ons takes an air-land-sea approach. The next installment is namedLand Mech Assault; the third is Bavarium Sea Heist. You can probably deduce which titles go with which themes. Each DLC pack looks to be $11.99 individually, or $24.99 total with the season pass.