Fallout 4 pre-load imminent as Green Man Gaming sends out keys


Better get to downloading

This morning select PC gamers got an extra treat in their email inbox, and it’s none other than next week’s Fallout 4 Steam key. Digital retailer Green Man Gaming is now sending out Fallout 4keys to its customers so they can hop on the pre-load (hype) train. It also helpfully announced when that will happen: 9PM GMT on this Friday, November 6. (That’s 1PM Pacific for the rest of us.)

Naturally, GMG has itstypical 20% off code for games purchased there. If you’re interested in the title, you can snap up a copy at $48 and expect the game key will be sent to you almost instantly.

Here are all the Fallout 4 pre-order deals from other PC digital retailers via our recent round-up:

US Deals

UK/EU Deals

If you know other retailers are also currently sending out keys, let us know so we can confirm it here. Thanks! Xbox One gamers should double check their installed files.

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