Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC out tomorrow


Steering into the fog

Fallout 4‘s first piece of truly substantial DLC, Far Harbor, will hit all platforms tomorrow. You’ll be able to download it as part of the season pack, or buy it on its own for $24.99. I know I’ll be digging into it as soon as possible.

I have high hopes for Far Harbor. Automatron didn’t blow too many socks off and Wasteland Workshop was some damn weak tea, but Far Harbor seems promising. Its channeling that Point Lookout vibe I love so much. Creepy fog, weird monsters, crazy runes scrawled over combat armor, these are things I can get behind. Hopefully Bethesda got it right this time.

If you really can’t wait a few more hours to play it, there is a small feature about the design choices behindFar Harbor you can check out for some mild spoilers. I won’t judge.