Fallout 4's 'Far Harbor' will be the game's first substantial add-on


Here’s a new trailer

Bethesda has revealed the first footage for the Far Harbor add-on for Fallout 4, which will thankfully add an actual zone to the game — hopefully they’ll turn out better than Automatron and Wasteland Workshop. There’s a bunch of scattered dialogue in the trailer, most of which drop hints for what the story will entail, and some gameplay though, so it’s definitely not a tease-job. The publisher also notes that it will heavily focus on Nick and the Valentine Detective Agency and the synth conflict.

Far Harborwill drop on May 19 across all platforms for $24.99. Yeah you read that right — this is partially why Bethesda raised the price on the Season Pass from $30 to $50. They’ve also reminded us that mods are coming to Xbox One this month, and PS4 in June.