Fallout 76 gets a stupidly expensive strategy guide


At least it has fun stuff

Physical strategy guides might still be a thing in 2018, but they typically don’t cost more than the game they’re covering. Bethesda’s upcoming Fallout 76, though, is getting a “Platinum Edition” guide from Prima that will run you around $115. That is certainly a lot of dough to pay for a game guide, but at least the bonus goodies included might sweeten the deal for Fallout mega-fans.

For those of you with money burning a hole in your pockets, this guide will contain a Fallout fashioned binder, an individually numbered art print, three pocket journals, postcards from the Appalachia region, beverage coasters, a “premium” double-sided map and an alternate cover with a special cloth bookmark. That is certainly a lot of swag for your buck!

You can currently find the guide on both Amazon and Bethesda’s official website. Shipments are said to start on December 14, 2018, so you probably won’t even need this by the time it ends up on your doorstep.

Fallout 76 Platinum Edition Prima Guide [Bethesda]