Fallout 76 team will have a roadmap 'very soon,' will include content 'for the entire year'


Not dead yet

Fallout 76 just launched their biggest free expansion yet in Wastelanders, but according to a recent AMA, they’re not done yet.

According to project leadJeff Gardiner and lead quest designerEric “Ferret” Baudoin, a roadmap is coming soon for this post-Wastelandersworld, and “will include content for the entire year.” More Brotherhood story involvement is teased, companion dress-up is coming in May, legendary perks are coming “in the summer,” camps are getting an upgrade on a nebulous timeline, text chat couldcome to PC (no promises), the entire game’s weapon system is getting re-balanced, new events are coming and there will be a “looking for group” mechanic to help connect people for events dungeons and raids. In other words, there’s some quality of life and content stuff in there, but no other major expansion has been announced.

Other informational tidbits include the fact that 54% of players sided with the settlers and 46% sided with the raiders (the new Wastelandersfactions), with Crater serving as the “most liked” settlement and Commander Daguerre was the most popular ally. If you’re interested in testing out future content, the Private Test Server (PTS) is already open.

Indubitably, the cancellation of E3 has thrown Bethesda for a loop. The Bethesda showcase, quality aside, is a huge part of the “pre-E3” celebration, and they were likely going to unveil their future Fallout 76plans there. Now they’ll either have to do it via a streaming showcase like several others have opted for (just not with the same bravado as E3), or the old fashioned way: a pull up your sleeves PR campaign.

The question is, will these publishers get used to all this and abandon E3 in 2021? A few will for sure, but the future of E3 as we know it seems uncertain.

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