Fallout 76's big new event is a good old fashioned wasteland barbecue


‘Meat Week’

Fallout 76is chugging along (still) and welcomed patch 11.5 into the fold this past week. The big additons are a new Ring of Fire song cover (hm) and an event called “Meat Week,” which is a barbeque-styled seasonal deal that lasts until August 8.

The gist is that you’ll work with the character Grahm (an NPC, in Fallout 76? Those aren’t supposed to come until later!), giving him cuts of meat to earn rewards. Primal cuts are like hunt quests/tasks that appear on the map, and the cook out is more like a social gathering, complete with chill sessions and music.

The rest of patch 11.5 involves, you guessed it: bug fixes. Fallout 76 has been an unending source of bugs, as when Bethesda squashes one of them, two rise in their place. Nearly every facet of the game is getting some tuning up, including the visual department, item mechanics, enemy behavior, and good old “performance and stability” tweaks. The mostly-IAP-driven Atomic Shop also was spruced up, because people need to buy stuff after all.

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