Fallout 76's new patch is basically all bug fixes


Bethesda bug fixes: the ultimate Sisyphean task

When Bethesda gives us Fallout 76 updates these days, typically they’re full of fanfare and are content-related. But this week’s patch is all about Fallout 76 bug fixes. Remember those? They’re back!

As the game continues to get bigger and bigger in terms of its filesize, more issues can arise. It’s kind of been a deadly cycle for Fallout 76: a new patch comes that adds some huge new feature, and the next patch fixes those bugs, while fixing bugs that may or may not have been in since launch.

A lot of these Fallout 76 bug solutions are cosmetic related though, ensuring that textures line up properly, or load at all. But there’s plenty of quality of life changes here too, like a snapping toggle for CAMPs, that let you focus more on building. Or straight-up gameplay/quest tweaks, like Blood Eagle Attack Dogs not spawning in Vault 96 unless you’re actually on the proper daily op for it.

You can read the entire patch notes below!


Check the download sizes below for today’s patch on your platform of choice:

  • PC (Bethesda.net): 2.2 GB
  • PC (Microsoft Store): 9.5 GB
  • PC (Steam): 2.3 GB
  • PlayStation: 8.45 GB
  • Xbox: 11.65 GB

Fallout 76 bug fixes and improvements

  • Graphics: The Garrahan Employee Outfit now rests more naturally on male characters’ hips.
  • Graphics: Equipping the Raider Warlord Helmet no longer causes the character’s facial hair to disappear.
  • Textures: Fixed a texture corruption that could briefly occur when loading into Vault 96.
  • Textures: Headless creature corpses no longer lack flesh textures where the head used to be.
  • Snapping Toggle: A button has been added to the UI when placing or editing certain C.A.M.P. objects, like Fences, Bar Sets, Weapon Racks, Light Boxes, and Wall Letters, that allows players to decide whether they would like to enable or disable whether they will snap to other objects.
    • Going forward, players no longer need to decide between snapping and non-snapping versions of these objects in their build menus, and can instead simply place one version and decide whether to toggle snapping on or off.
  • Appliances: Activating the Washer and Dryer now causes the door to close and proper sound effects to play.
  • Displays: Fixed an issue that prevented a variety of weapons from appearing when assigned to Display Cases.
  • Displays: Magnetic Weapon Racks now share a build limit with other Displays.
  • Floors: Fixed an issue that allowed players to move, scrap, or store floors that had walls attached, which could result in floating structures.
  • Misc. Structures: The budget consumed by the Brotherhood of Steel Armory is now consistent with similar structures.
  • Stairs: Players can now correctly scrap Stairs that have been attached to Vault Catwalk pieces.
  • Vault 96: Blood Eagle Attack Dogs will now only spawn in Vault 96 Daily Ops when the encounter group is set to Blood Eagles.
  • Backpacks: Flairs applied to the Brotherhood of Steel Backpack no longer appear to float.
  • Consumables: The Carry Weight Booster’s description now correctly states that the item’s effects last for 30 minutes.
  • Cursed Weapons: Restored the “Cursed” prefix to the names of Cursed Weapons.
  • Power Armor: M.I.N.D. Velox and Enlightened M.I.N.D. Power Armor skins now provide proper resistances.
  • Power Armor: Light from the T-65 headlamp now shines in the correct direction in third-person view after applying the Scabber paint.
  • Legendary Weapons: Single-shot ranged weapons can no longer spawn with the “Last Shot” Legendary Attribute.
  • Unarmed Melee Weapons: The crafting requirements for the legendary “Face Breaker” Power Fist now properly include 2 Legendary Modules. The ability to craft this item has been re-enabled at Weapons Workbenches.
  • Unarmed Melee Weapons: Power Fists, including “Face Breaker,” now correctly spawn with a “Standard Appearance” mod equipped by default.
  • Legendary Items: Corrected the translations for several legendary item attribute descriptions in non-English versions of the game.
  • Quest Rewards: The names for Blackburn’s Bungalow and related items are now translated in the game menus in all supported languages.
  • Rank-Up Rewards: The description for M.I.N.D. Power Armor Paint that appears in the Power Armor Station menu is now translated in all supported languages.
  • Scoreboard: Added translations for several rank-up reward names and descriptions on the Season 5 Scoreboard in non-English versions of the game.
  • Terminals: Added translations for several lines of text in various Terminals.
  • Smiley: Players can now purchase Gold Bullion from Smiley up to the current maximum of 10,000.
  • A Satisfied Conscience: Looting Holotape clues early and then logging out no longer prevents the quest from progressing when the player logs back in.
  • A Satisfied Conscience: Logging out after unlocking the door to the Reactor Monitoring Wing no longer causes it to appear locked again when logging back in.
  • Dross Toss: Fixed an issue that could prevent players from completing the Dross Toss Daily Quest.
  • Event Rewards: Fixed an issue causing “Distinguished Guests” and “Swarm of Suitors” to only award Legendary Cores for the highest level of completion.
  • Event Rewards: “Feed the People” and “Campfire Tales” now correctly award 1 – 3 Legendary Cores on completion.
  • Event Rewards: “One Violent Night” now correctly awards Legendary Cores on completion.
  • Missing Persons: Burke will no longer walk away from a conversation with the player inside the Crater War Room after completing the quest.
  • Missing Persons: Marcia will now pay closer attention to the conversation with Sheena and Burke inside of the AMS Headquarters basement, instead of running off to fight Hellcat Mercenaries.
  • Missing Persons: Fixed an issue that could allow players to complete the quest without completing an objective to speak with Marcia.
  • Missing Persons: Marcia will no longer remain in the AMS Headquarters basement after convincing her to return to Fort Atlas.
  • Missing Persons: Team members who progress to the third floor of AMS Headquarters while the team leader is speaking with Marcia will no longer cause her to exit the conversation and teleport to meet them.
  • Out of the Blue: The “Investigate the Caravan Site” objective now progresses correctly once the player has collected all three required evidence notes.
  • Out of the Blue: Logging out and back in just before giving Paladin Rahmani the evidence notes no longer prevents the quest from progressing.
  • Out of the Blue: To prevent players from becoming stuck during “Out of the Blue,” the button to close the hidden doors in Harper’s Ferry Tunnel will no longer appear while the quest is active. The button will be visible and usable when returning to the area after the quest is complete.
  • Subtitles: Fixed several typos affecting various dialogue subtitles during Steel Reign quests.
  • The Catalyst: Viewing a conversation between Dr. Blackburn and other scientists inside of West Tek while on a team no longer causes the team leader’s character animations to behave oddly.
  • The Catalyst: Fixed an issue where the player was unable to react to a statement made by Knight Shin during a conversation.
  • The Catalyst: Corrected a lore inconsistency in Scribe Valdez’s dialogue after completing the quest.
  • Rank-Up Rewards: Fixed an issue that prevented players from earning Atom rewards offered by certain Ranks beyond 100.
    • Players who were affected by this issue will be able to revisit the Season Scoreboard to claim their missing Atoms as soon as they’ve completed any Daily or Weekly Challenge following today’s update.
  • Carry Weight: The carry weight displayed in the Pip-Boy is now consistent with the player’s actual carry weight.
  • Controls: The game controls will no longer become unresponsive when exiting a Workbench.
  • Favorites: The favorites menu now correctly displays a blade icon for the Chinese Officer’s Sword.
  • Scoreboard: Fixed an issue in which some players needed to log out and back in between claiming a rank-up reward and accessing it in-game.
  • General: Corrected several locations where players could see outside the game world.
  • Interiors: Enemies now respawn correctly inside interiors that are also used as instanced Daily Ops Locations.
  • Pathing: Addressed several locations in the game world where players could become stuck.
  • West Tek: Fixed an issue where a door inside the West Tek FEV Production Center would be inaccessible outside of “The Catalyst” quest.